Sunday, 23 April 2017

A big tiny scottie dog

A couple of weeks ago I found a knitting pattern for a tiny scottie dog.  I made my boss one called Little Sniff, which everyone loved and I know I'll be making more at some point.  
Being so small though I wondered what would happen if I used a super chunky wool.  So in a stash busting manoeuvre I had a go at making another scottie dog, just not so tiny this time.

I used some left over wool from the Frensham cushion cover I made a while back and some size 9mm needles and he came out very well.
And although he is not a tiny creature, he is still a nice size and kept his shape really well.  Now I am thinking about how you could change the pattern to make other creatures...

Note: He has now been named Hector, and is living with my parents at the seaside.

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