Saturday, 29 April 2017

A train whistle

I haven't made anything out of paper/card for ages, but I do still love this medium, so when I saw this big train whistle on the Rob Ives newsletter I had to have a go.  
I didn't actually mean to do it this week though, I had other things on my to do list, but then I found a bit of card the perfect size and one thing led to another!

Unlike most of his projects where you just print out the pattern then cut and stick, this only had one thing to print out - a diamond shape which is a template for the bellows.  Everything else was made from scratch following his instructions.

A bit of careful scoring, sticking and folding and I had some bellows.  Add some pipes and I had a whistle.  Its pretty big, definitely a two handed job, and makes a fantastic sound! Toot toot!

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